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Oct 06, 2016

Non-GMO Month pushes oft-refuted misinformation

Non-GMO Month was created as another marketing ploy that uses misinformation and gullibility to enhance sales. But maybe I’m just cynical....More
Sep 28, 2016

An unofficial, off-the-cuff crop report

One farmer told me that pigweed is not resistant to a cultivator or a hoe....More
Sep 13, 2016

Danny Davis, my good friend, has passed away

The industry lost a farmer who pioneered conservation tillage and who showed that no-till cotton could produce yields and quality equal to clean-....More
Sep 02, 2016

True patriotism: It’s more than pomp and circumstance

I stand for the national anthem and either place my hand over my heart or more likely stand at attention, a habit that was drilled into me during....More
Aug 19, 2016

It was perfectly fine morning to be locked out of the house

I sat and absorbed the wonder, the serenity, the tranquility of the morning … as I waited less than patiently for a locksmith to come and let me into....More
Jul 29, 2016

PEA winners wound up where they ought to be

Neither could imagine doing anything else; neither could consider a career that didn’t involve long hours, hard work, and watching things emerge from....More
Jul 27, 2016

In the absence of mechanical genes, Google to the rescue

But popping the hood is what a guy does when his ride starts to falter....More
Jul 08, 2016

I am saddened beyond words over recent killings

I woke up this morning to hear the horrifying news that five police officers had been killed in Dallas, Texas, while protecting a Black Lives Matter....More
Jul 01, 2016

Boston visit reminds of us why we celebrate the Fourth of July

Boston reminds us that Americans have never agreed on every bit of policy, on every suggestion for the common good, or on every plan to make our....More
Jun 15, 2016

At 38 years and counting editor still has much to learn

I soon learned just how ignorant I was about the complexity of agriculture....More
Jun 03, 2016

Farm chores cited among most dangerous summer jobs for teenagers

A lot of jobs on a farm offer varying degrees of hazard....More
May 26, 2016

May in farm country is a month for hope

Drive out a Farm to Market road from Lubbock, in any direction, and look for small dust clouds billowing out behind planters....More
May 18, 2016

Is a world without war, poverty, hunger, disease and ignorance remotely possible?

The Internet and technology will open new avenues of information to people across the globe, and with this new enlightenment, people will become more....More
Apr 27, 2016

What do NBA’s Steph Curry and Southwest editor have in common?

I hurt my knee walking from a table to the condiment shelf in a fast-food restaurant....More
Apr 21, 2016

A drive into farm country is an ideal way to celebrate Earth Day

Before you leave, shake his hand. Tell him thanks for all he does. He doesn’t hear that often enough. Tell him you’re celebrating Earth Day. He’ll....More
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