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Aug 14, 2012

Alphabet soup: New farm legislation will offer an expanded roster of programs

“We’re going to have to educate some folks in the banking industry and financial sector on what these new government programs will and won’t do,”....More
Aug 13, 2012

For 13 years, drought has been on my mind

As of Aug. 1, I have been a resident of the Southwest for 13 years. The year we moved to Texas, 1999, we arrived in the middle of a prolonged dry,....More
Aug 03, 2012

Senator Grassley slams Smithfield Foods exec over ethanol comments

Sen. Grassley takes the president of one of the nation's largest hog producers to task for comments about the need for waiving the Renewable Fuels....More
Jul 25, 2012

Peanut meeting takes me back

One of the best things about the annual Southern Peanut Growers’ Conference — other than being held at the beach — is the opportunity to see folks I’....More
Jul 12, 2012

Contemplations on turning 63

Tomorrow, July 13 (yeah it’s Friday 13) is my birthday—the 20th anniversary of my 43rd birthday. You can do the math....More
Jul 12, 2012

Cotton industry working to regain lost demand

High cotton prices have reduced marketshare for the natural fiber, but the industry is working to gain it back....More
Jul 10, 2012

Pollinators peel back layer of God’s creation1

All of nature’s beauty is not equal. There is a world of absolute wonder and marvel that is seldom seen. Just a glance behind the curtain — and the....More
Jul 06, 2012

Bull market for crop theft

Crop thieves abound in agriculture and always will. It’s never about hunger — just greed....More
Jul 05, 2012

Drought conditions persist along vacation route

In fact, much of what I have to report comes from observations noted doing 75 miles per hour down Interstate highways from Denton, Texas, all the way....More
Jun 27, 2012

Balancing conservation with the needs of 9 billion

Balancing the food and fiber needs of 9 billion people with conservation practices is a challenge for agriculture, especially with a dwindling pile....More
Jun 19, 2012

Private sector investment increasing for ag research and development

Private sector firms have become major players in developing new innovations worldwide, according to a new USDA report on investments in agricultural....More
Jun 14, 2012

In memoriam: L.M. (Doc) Davis

Yesterday Southwest agriculture lost a good man. Doc Davis, an Elk City, Okla., cotton farmer, made a “very peaceful passing,” his son Danny emailed....More
Jun 13, 2012

The arrogance of organics is annoying6

But I’m not so certain I can be quite as magnanimous with a new-age conceit—the arrogance of organics....More
Jun 12, 2012

World Food Prize selection shows importance of water to world's food supply

World Food Prize Committee selection of Daniel Hillel for 2012 World Food Prize shows importance of water and irrigation....More
Jun 12, 2012

Backyard chickens nothing to crow about

I passed up an opportunity last week to order a book on how to raise chickens in my back yard. The book was dictated by a now-deceased woman who was....More
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