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May 01, 2012

Chasing rabbit trails may be over when it comes to BSE reporting1

Finally, media outlets from coast to coast have gotten the message. Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE)—once coined as Mad Cow Disease by....More
Apr 19, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day thank a farmer

Farmers have a relationship with the earth that most of us can neither fully appreciate nor adequately understand. Some years the earth yields up a....More
Apr 18, 2012

Crop insurance, conservation cuts counterproductive

Natural disaster is part of the risk farmers face every year. But the nation’s ability to produce adequate food and fiber cannot be overstated. And....More
Apr 17, 2012

Farm bill debate starting to heat up

While it’s a long shot that U.S. agriculture will see a new farm bill by the time the old one expires later this year, the information gathering....More
Apr 09, 2012

Perception trumps facts regardless of validity

Perception, whether true or not, often makes a bigger impression on public confidence—or lack of it—than any accumulation of certifiable facts can....More
Apr 06, 2012

Top seeds competing in the 2012 growing season

The NCAA tournament, where high-flying athletes run up and down the hardwood for the glory of their college, is a lot like a typical march through a....More
Apr 05, 2012

At what cost the disconnect between agriculture and the public?

There is an increasing disconnect between boots-on-the-ground agriculture, the consumer public, and those who write farm programs, enact rules and....More
Mar 27, 2012

Death of the white African farmer1

The white African died almost a year ago at age 78. Mike Campbell, a white farmer from Zimbabwe, was a man of conviction and vision — and he paid for....More
Mar 26, 2012

Election 'chickens' coming home to roost for farm bill debate

Farm-state congressmen say Ryan Budget Plan puts next farm bill in limbo....More
Mar 21, 2012

The case for ag majors gets a boost

We received quite a few comments about the column on the uselessness of ag majors. Several readers were offended that someone would disparage their....More
Mar 21, 2012

Old computers hold more than digital memories

Every now and then, office closets must be cleared of stuff that either doesn’t work anymore or is close to achieving the status of artifact. This....More
Mar 09, 2012

One podium – seven former secretaries of agriculture

Seven former secretaries of agriculture seated at one podium. It was a rare and historic gathering of brain power at USDA’s 2012 Agricultural Outlook....More
Mar 08, 2012

America’s farmers: Thanks for the abundance

Today, March 8, is National Agriculture Day. And anyone who eats today or anyone who has comfortable clothes to wear or anyone who slept in a bed....More
Mar 02, 2012

If March comes can spring be far behind?

Has spring come to north Texas early this year? Recent weather would certainly support that contention. Since I last blogged about the weather,....More
Feb 28, 2012

Looking forward to wife’s retirement — no more cooking

My wife is retiring Friday. She’s just retiring from her job — not from being my wife (although Lord knows why she’s put up with me this long)....More
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