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Oct 12, 2011

Indiana truckers aid Texas ranchers

I’m never surprised when I hear about farmers stepping up in time of trouble and helping out their neighbors. I’ve seen it too often to think it’s....More
Oct 12, 2011

CDB deserves its own Rubber Dodo award

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD), the out-of-whack environmental group based in Tucson, Ariz., will soon announce the winner of its annual....More
Oct 10, 2011

The jobs market of the future: ‘Creativity will rule the day’

Creativity will rule the day in jobs market of the future....More
Sep 30, 2011

2011 Cotton Photo Contest

Farm Press would like to recognize the beauty of cotton and the people who grow it. Send us your best cotton photos: kids in cotton fields, blooms,....More
Sep 30, 2011

Limited government will test our mettle as farmer-citizens

It’s looking more and more like dramatic changes in government farm programs are ahead....More
Sep 29, 2011

Dismantling Subtropical Research Center defies logic

I wonder who is responsible for painting the targets on specific USDA research facilities identified as not important enough to maintain. I wonder....More
Sep 20, 2011

Breaking records not always a good thing

Well, this is a first. I don’t think I’ve ever been part of a historical record before. And now here I am part of at least three. I can’t claim a lot....More
Sep 19, 2011

A billion here, a billion there, and lost taxes become serious money2

A billion here, a billion there, and lost taxes soon add up to serious money....More
Sep 14, 2011

Cars will consume more corn this year than livestock and poultry

For the first time in history, more of the U.S. corn crop is expected to be consumed by automobiles this coming year than by livestock and poultry....More
Sep 09, 2011

Labor Day rain didn’t follow me home

We spent Labor Day weekend watching it rain—all weekend long....More
Sep 08, 2011

The blame game: Whose fault is it that trade pacts linger in limbo?

Playing the blame game: Whose fault is it that trade pacts are in limbo?....More
Sep 01, 2011

Social media offers insights on organic farming

Social media can sometimes provide a colossal opportunity to fritter away time that could better be used to accomplish a bit of work. It can suck you....More
Aug 29, 2011

Oil from the reserve: was it an emergency or just political theater?

Was release of oil from reserves an emergency, or just playing politics?....More
Aug 25, 2011

The world's poor can best be served by adopting the best of both worlds

The world needs technology and sustainability to help solve problems with hunger and poverty....More
Aug 25, 2011

New York City – 10 years later1

An act of violence on a Tuesday morning nearly 10 years ago was meant to not only kill Americans and arrest our nation’s financial heartbeat, but....More
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