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Mar 28, 2011

Solution for escalating food costs: let 'em eat iPads

Starting with the 1973 Arab oil embargo, which set energy prices on their upward spiral, costs for everything have inflated as companies increased....More
Mar 28, 2011

Facts distorted again in second RR alfalfa lawsuit

  As expected, the Center for Food Safety (CFS), along with a similar radical group, Earthjustice, has filed another lawsuit to try a second....More
Mar 22, 2011

U. S. farmers need to make corn, not apologies

American corn farmers don't need to make apologies. They need to make corn....More
Mar 21, 2011

Annual exercise in frustration: calculating the income tax bill

Could the taxation process be made simpler? Of course it could. But how much screaming would arise from the many thousands of tax prep businesses....More
Mar 21, 2011

We appreciate your calls and e-mails

Some interesting communiqués have arrived via phone and email over the past week or so, some in response to the article I wrote recently on my mother....More
Mar 09, 2011

Food vs. population: Malthus 200 years later

“By 2050, we will not have a planet left that is recognizable” if current food trends continue, said Jason Clay at the annual conference of the....More
Mar 09, 2011

Observant readers catch editor’s error

I stand corrected! In a recent commentary about picking cotton—actually about my mother picking cotton since I was of little use in the endeavor,....More
Mar 02, 2011

February wreaks havoc before exit

March has finally arrived, and not a minute too soon. As Februarys go, and they usually go pretty dismally, this one was one of the worst ever....More
Feb 24, 2011

Cotton mill tour rekindles memories

The first real job, the first work I did for which I got a company paycheck, was in a cotton mill. The summer after I graduated from high school my....More
Feb 18, 2011

I remember picking cotton as a kid but it wasn’t worth $2 a pound in ‘53

If cotton had been selling for $2 a pound when I was a kid, my whole life might have changed....More
Feb 14, 2011

China’s changing labor and wage picture an influence on economies worldwide

China’s changing labor and wage picture an influence on economies worldwide....More
Feb 14, 2011

Some budget cuts would be counterproductive

Last fall, as he was campaigning, Texas Governor Rick Perry proudly boasted, “Texas is open for business.” Now, with a $27 billion budget shortfall....More
Feb 03, 2011

One should never panic on icy roads

They taught me in driver’s education my senior year in high school not to panic when the vehicle you’re driving hits a patch of ice and begins to....More
Feb 02, 2011

One hungry planet

Feeding the world's population will be a challenge globally for farmers, the alternative is one hungry planet....More
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