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Dec 17, 2015

Tradition an important part of Christmas memories

I look forward to a season during which we at least think about the possibility that one day we will see peace and goodwill among all men. Merry....More
Dec 08, 2015

Time is relative — and faster than it used to be

Back just 56 or 57 years or so ago, the time from the first week of December until Christmas seemed an eternity....More
Nov 23, 2015

Thankful for good times…and hard lessons

I have two children I’m proud of, and grandsons who delight me. I love and appreciate Pat, my wife of more than 35 years, far more than I tell her. I....More
Nov 20, 2015

Coffee is good for me — it’s really, really good for me

I’ve been drinking coffee for as long as I can remember, before I left elementary school, and have been undeterred in my daily consumption by....More
Nov 06, 2015

90 year old Texas rancher in a David vs. Goliath struggle

White is taking on an oil company in court. He’s suing for compensation for damage to his property from oil rigs, trucks, and other equipment....More
Oct 14, 2015

If stranded on Mars, I hope you have a farmer with you

If I did get to Mars, however, the odds of my being stranded are pretty good. I can easily imagine getting lost on my way back from a rock-hunting....More
Oct 05, 2015

Why higher mathematics was wasted on a writer-to-be

No one, myself included, considered the absolute truth that I would never go anywhere near a career that involved higher mathematics....More
Sep 21, 2015

Smarmy smear of GMOs just a shill for natural food booklet

The premise is that the U.S. government, NATO, and Monsanto are conspiring to control the world’s food supply....More
Sep 04, 2015

Election season brings out the worst in society, media outlets and politics

Honesty is a rare and precious commodity, hyperbole rules airwaves and newspaper pages, and most folks seem to prefer a fascinating lie to a mundane....More
Aug 24, 2015

Flying is less fun than it used to be — a lot less!

All things considered, I’d rather drive my truck....More
Aug 10, 2015

There are no GMO peanuts in the market—none, zilch, nada

Apparently, some non-agricultural media writers assume that any new variety released to the market must be genetically modified....More
Aug 04, 2015

Annual beach vacation is truly a “Gift from the Sea.”

A trip to the beach is spiritual, primal and restorative....More
Jul 09, 2015

Good memories: reminiscing on 37 years as Farm Press editor

Farm editor career at 37 years and counting....More
Jun 30, 2015

Independence Day always brings back memories

Fireworks, cookouts, baseball games, ice cream and honoring our heritage are all part of Independence Day....More
Jun 04, 2015

Shopping for peanut butter leads to frustration3

I don’t think I’ve seen a more blatant example of marketing by misinformation....More
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