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Apr 21, 2016

A drive into farm country is an ideal way to celebrate Earth Day

Before you leave, shake his hand. Tell him thanks for all he does. He doesn’t hear that often enough. Tell him you’re celebrating Earth Day. He’ll....More
Apr 09, 2016

Opening day of baseball season is reason enough to welcome spring

The pitcher takes the mound again, toes the rubber, bends from the waist, holds the ball behind his back, feels the laces, finds his grip....More
Mar 28, 2016

Private land grab by eminent domain just common greed

But what about those who prefer to keep their farms intact, those who would like to maintain the agricultural, recreation, or aesthetic values of....More
Mar 07, 2016

Mr. Fixit has left the building — alas, without hot water

She often noted that the most useful tool I owned was the Yellow Pages....More
Mar 02, 2016

Frustration for farmers as farm bill shortcomings surface1

he Agriculture Act of 2014 is nothing like farm bills of the past, in which producers had at least some assurance of income assistance when crops or....More
Feb 18, 2016

Cotton industry feeling the pain of farm bill shortcomings1

But anyone who has watched agriculture commodities for more than five years understands that high prices can guarantee one thing — low prices....More
Feb 08, 2016

Despite hardships, America’s cotton farmers persevere

That’s what I like about cotton people: markets, weather, and pests may create havoc, but those in the industry somehow find a way to endure....More
Feb 01, 2016

Old friends: They’re the ones who know where you came from

We celebrated the Wren High School Class of 1967. We’ve done okay....More
Jan 25, 2016

Quite enough, thanks; winter’s better in theory than in practice

Winter wind cuts through flesh as certain as a Ginsu steak knife slices a soda can....More
Jan 07, 2016

Things I learned at Beltwide while not attending sessions

I also picked up a few bits of information while not attending official technical Beltwide sessions, and made some observations while being bored in....More
Jan 04, 2016

New Orleans: Bread pudding, jazz … and the inevitable cold

Before the black-eyed peas turn into a cold gelatinous mass, before the haunting aroma of collard greens leaves the kitchen, and shortly after the....More
Dec 28, 2015

2015 was a tough year for agriculture

Is anyone sorry to see 2015 go?....More
Dec 17, 2015

Tradition an important part of Christmas memories

I look forward to a season during which we at least think about the possibility that one day we will see peace and goodwill among all men. Merry....More
Dec 08, 2015

Time is relative — and faster than it used to be

Back just 56 or 57 years or so ago, the time from the first week of December until Christmas seemed an eternity....More
Nov 23, 2015

Thankful for good times…and hard lessons

I have two children I’m proud of, and grandsons who delight me. I love and appreciate Pat, my wife of more than 35 years, far more than I tell her. I....More
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