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Jun 13, 2011

U.S. urged to continue leadership role in alleviating hunger and poverty

U.S. urged to continue leadership role in alleviating world hunger and poverty....More
Jun 06, 2011

Three college profs raise bar on arrogance

Three Southern Illinois University professors have written a letter to President Obama asking him to leave the Birds Point Levee breach open, turning....More
Jun 02, 2011

Unintended consequences follow rash decisions

That’s when we get the law of unintended consequences—like when you bounce a ball against a wall, and it ricochets back and hits you in the eye....More
Jun 02, 2011

Manure, farmer’s markets: solution for a growing world’s food needs?

Manure and farmer’s markets: A solution for a growing world’s food needs?....More
May 25, 2011

Be prepared for tornadoes in rural areas

Rural areas seldom have the warning systems available to those of us who live in town. And, even if they do, farmers and ranchers are often caught....More
May 19, 2011

USDA decision a step forward for leafy green food safety

The National Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement proposal is designed to strengthen nationwide food safety protocols at the farm, processing, and....More
May 17, 2011

Less is more: Dr. No’s Magical Rχ for curing government ills1

Less is more: Dr. No’s Magical Rχ for curing the ills of government....More
May 16, 2011

A dissertation on canned Spam

Spam, the unwanted, distasteful email product of dubious origin that ultimately winds up in your desktop garbage bin, is giving Spam, the unwanted,....More
May 12, 2011

Fill up the tank with Chardonnay; a world powered on wine

Pulled into Costco last week to fill up my half-ton Silverado. I was enjoying a nice spring day and suddenly the pump started slowing down. It....More
May 10, 2011

Funding cut may jeopardize satellite for weather, flood, drought forecasts

A key weather forecasting satellite program is in limbo as a result of congressional budget cuts....More
May 03, 2011

Rain is coming to West Texas — sometime1

I left Denton, Texas, Monday about noon in a slow, steady drizzle that had persisted, with occasional bursts of torrential rain and accompanying....More
Apr 29, 2011

How farmers can use social media

Learn how to use popular social media tools through a series of well-done hour-long Webinars (one each month) co-sponsored by the National Corn....More
Apr 26, 2011

As food prices move upward, farmer's share budges little

Last month saw wholesale food prices record the largest increase in 36 years, and industry analysts’ crystal balls don’t foresee how much more they’....More
Apr 20, 2011

Farm visit is ideal Earth Day activity

I celebrated Earth Day a few days early this year – Tuesday, April 19....More
Apr 11, 2011

World War II memorial ‘marks the price of freedom’

If you’ve never been to the National World War II Memorial in Washington D.C., you’re missing out....More
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