All fees should be paid prior to the field being sampled. Costs are:

  • The cost of the sampling service will be $50 per field, for fields that are 160 acres or less in size.
    • Fields larger than 160 acres will be charged at a rate of $0.3125 per acre for the sampling.
    • There will be an additional charge of $15 minimum if a field is to be sampled as more than one management zone based on crop planted, soil type, landscape position and/or yield zones.
  • The cost of the laboratory analysis you request will be added to the sampling costs.
    • These costs range from $10 to $74 per sample.
    • For example the Routine plus Micronutrients and Residual Nitrogen analysis costs $22.  When the Detailed Salinity analysis is included the cost is $37.
  • There will be an additional charge of 50 cents per mile for travel from the Dawson County office to the first field Doederle samples that day and from the last field he samples back to the Dawson County office.  Travel costs will be divided between all producers who had their fields sampled that day.

Doederlein needs to meet with each producer to locate fields on a computer or from a plat,” Anderson says. “Also, if there are any special instructions for me to access the fields I will need that information. Tommy will be driving a pickup truck through the field and pull a core every one-tenth to two-tenth mile to obtain the composite samples.”


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