These three are the first of several new varieties in the Bayer pipeline.

Callaghan said the new offerings will be part of the Certified FiberMax program and would likely be part of the one-ton club “in the near future.”

Other GlyTol varieties will be released over the next three years. Callaghan said GlyTol Liberty Link varieties may be available in 2011. “It is developed and ready to go. We’re just waiting on regulatory approval. We may get that in 2011 but for certain we’ll release in 2012.”

GLB2, a combination of GlyTol, LibertyLink and Bollgard II, also may be available in 2011 but 2012 is more likely, Callaghan said.

In 2013, Bayer will release a trait package that includes GlyTol, LibertyLink and TwinLink. TwinLink is the Bayer CropScience proprietary 2-gene Bt technology. The abbreviation for this will be GLT.

Those varieties will include two herbicide tolerance traits and two insect (worm) control traits.