Cotton has made good progress this month with generally plus 90 degree temperatures and clear skies. In fact, we have averaged 18.6 heat units per day for the last 30 days, the same average heat units as 2009.

As I have stated before “we make cotton in August.” Scattered rains have been received this month but it was very dry for most everyone. There is a chance this week for rain and temperatures have already begun to moderate some.

I mention this only because of my nervousness as we go into September. Pray for open sunny weather with an occasional gentle rain. We all know we can have weather events which can undo all the hard work applied to our crops. I do not mean a hail-out; I’m talking regrowth, delayed maturity etc. So be careful irrigating into September unless it is through a drip system.

Cotton bollworms have decreased considerably the past couple of weeks. Small and medium worms (less than ½ inch) range from zero to 2500 per acre. Late and/or growthy conventional cotton fields with three and more nodes above white flower, scattered throughout both Hockley and Cochran counties should be checked for another week or so. I am using a 10,000 worms per acre threshold at this time.

Lygus have not been much of a concern. Watch closely fields near alfalfa.

Cotton fields that reached physiological cut-out (5 nodes above white flower) before August 10 have accumulated more than 400 heat units and are safe from most insects other than cotton aphids. I plan on continuing to watch scouting program fields through September 10.