NCC provides a report each year of the most popular cotton varieties grown.

In Kansas, Americot had two varieties making up the majority of cotton acreage in that state. NG 1551 RF was planted in 28.3 percent of the cotton acres and NG 1572 RF had 26.5 percent of the planted acreage.

In Oklahoma, Bayer CropScience-FiberMax had two varieties making up the majority of acres planted this year. FM 960 B2 was planted on 30.4 percent of the acres and FM 1740 B2F was planted on 17 percent of the acreage.

In Texas, Bayer CropScience-FiberMax again was the leader in cotton varieties chosen by farmers this year. FM 9058 F was planted on 19.4 percent of the acreage and FM 9160 B2F was planted on 10 percent; 8.5 percent was planted to FM 9063 B2F, 6.8 percent to FM 9180 B2F and FM 0170 B2F was planted on 5 percent.

NCC 2011 COTTON planting survey recently was distributed to upland and ELS cotton producers. The survey, conducted each year to aid with industry planning and policy deliberations, provides the basis for the economic outlook presented to delegates during the NCC annual meeting in early Feb., 2011. Survey results will be presented during the Joint Meeting of Program Committees Saturday, Feb. 5, 2011.

To enhance the survey's accuracy, producers are encouraged to respond by the Jan. 18, 2011, deadline.

The current survey was distributed through a combination of regular mail and email with the intent of reaching all cotton farms across the cotton-growing states. Growers who did not receive a survey may contact the NCC via email at for survey instructions.

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