"I suspect that, in this area, we have some counties that are as much as 75 percent harvested," he said.

The quality of the cotton has been good, Boman said, and improving as less dryland cotton goes to the gins and more irrigated cotton arrives.

"Taking a look at the Lamesa numbers, it looks like they're averaging somewhere around a 35.3 staple or so, with a micronaire in the neighborhood 4.4," Boman said. "At Lubbock, we're trending up every day. I think we're having more irrigated cotton coming in there. It appears we're going to be bumping about 36 staple, our micronaire is a little bit lower at 4.0.

"On bark contamination, we are looking pretty low, certainly lower than last year; 7.3 percent for Lamesa and 7.5 percent or so for Lubbock," he said.

Boman said a forecast of high winds late Nov. 9, and for rain before the end of the week, may shut the harvest down for a while.