Americot, Inc., is introducing three new varieties for 2013. The Lubbock, Texas, based company offers two brands of cottonseed, NexGen and Americot, available with single gene Roundup Ready Flex, and stacked Bollgard II with Roundup Ready Flex technologies, as well as a conventional variety.

NG 5315 B2RF is a full-season variety with an excellent yield potential and fiber package. This Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex cotton features a staple range of 36 to 37, strength 28 to 30 and micronaire 4.4 to 4.8. The smooth leaf variety also has excellent resistance to bronze wilt and very good seedling vigor. NG 5315 B2RF is well suited for irrigated and productive soils in the full-season markets of the Delta and the Southeast.

NG 1511 B2RF is a highly-adaptable Bollgard II/Roundup Ready Flex cotton that can be planted from Arizona through the Carolinas. This medium-maturity variety provides excellent yield potential and an excellent fiber package. NG 1511 B2RF has a staple range of 36 to 37, strength 29 to 30, and micronaire 4.4 to 4.8.

“NG 1511 B2RF is widely adapted and performs well where medium-maturity varieties are preferred across the Cotton Belt,” says Americot marketing manager Julie Dingus. “NG 1511 B2RF has become known for its high yield potential. In 2011, NG 1511 B2RF was the top performing B2RF variety in university official variety trials across the Cotton Belt. Growers experienced this same performance in their irrigated and dryland fields this past season.”  Supplies are readily available for 2013.

AM UA48 is a conventional variety developed by the University of Arkansas that offers outstanding fiber quality and excellent yield potential. This early maturity variety has a staple range of 39 to 41, strength 34 to 35, and micronaire 4.4 to 4.8. Dingus says, “AM UA48 is a high yielder that is well suited for the northern cotton growing areas of the Mid-South and Southeast and is known for its outstanding fiber properties.

Americot, Inc. also provides several programs to help cotton growers, including a finance program, a replant program and a drought program in the Southwest. “We at Americot work with growers daily and understand how demanding their jobs are,” Dingus says.

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Bayer CropScience/FiberMax and Stoneville brands

Bayer CropScience is offering two new Stoneville cotton varieties for 2013. They are the first of the Stoneville brands to contain both LibertyLink and GlyTol traits. Four FiberMax brands currently contain the two herbicide traits.

ST 4946GLB2 is an early, semi-smooth leaf, Bollgard II variety with medium/moderate plant height and is broadly adapted across the Cotton Belt. It has a storm tolerance rating of 5, with a fiber length of 1.17, length uniformity, 83.8, strength, 30.5 and micronaire, 4.6. It has very good seedling vigor, high lint percent turnout and root-knot nematode tolerance. It has both LibertyLink and GlyTol traits. It is easy to manage with moderately aggressive growth habits.

The variety was tested in Bayer CropScience’s cotton agronomic performance trials as BX1346 GLB2, according to Andy White, the company’s cotton agronomist for the Mid-South. “It was one of our highest yielders in trials across the Cotton Belt, from the High Plains of Texas to the Mid-Atlantic.”

White said the variety “performed as well as ST 5458B2RF, which has been a workhorse for us across the Belt. I’ll have to look at it a couple of more years to see if it has the same yield stability, but the stability it showed across the Belt tells me we have a good variety.”

ST 6448GLB2 is a full-maturity, smooth-leaf, Bollgard II variety with tall/vigorous growth adapted for the south Delta, Southeast and South Carolina. It has a storm tolerance rating of 4, a fiber length of 1.23, length uniformity, 83.3, strength, 29.2 and micronaire, 4.5. It has excellent seedling vigor, resulting in consistent stand establishment. This variety has outstanding yield potential, very good fiber quality and is well-suited for irrigated and dryland environments. It has both LibertyLink and GlyTol traits. It is easy to manage with moderately aggressive growth habits.

ST 6448GLB2 was tested as BX1348GLB2. “Its performance was exceptional,” White said. “It’s a much more growthy variety than ST 4946GLB2.”

According to Jeff Brehmer, U.S. marketing manager for Bayer’s Stoneville and FiberMax cotton brands, the variety “sets the new benchmark for Stoneville fiber quality.”

Both varieties will offer introductory quantities. For more information, see