This dryland test was harvested by machine on August 27, 2010.  There were ten varieties in the test.  The test averaged just over 1,263 pounds of seed cotton per acre.  The best two performing varieties (no statistical difference between the two) were FiberMax 1740 B2F at 1,446 pounds per acre with a loan value of $0.537 per pound and DeltaPine 0920 B2RF at 1,403 pounds per acre with a loan value of $0.5118 per pound.

Other varieties in this test and their yields were as follows; ST 5458 B2RF at 1,315 pounds per acre; PHY 367 WRF at 1,280 pounds per acre; ST 4288 B2RF at 1,251 pounds per acre; PHY 375 WRF at 1,231 pounds per acre; CL 3220 B2RF at 1,208 pounds per acre; DP 1032 B2RF at 1,186 pounds per acre; FM 9160 B2F at 1,167 pounds per acre; and AT Apex B2RF at 1,150 pounds per acre. 

Overall lint values per acre of this test (using the loan value) ranged from $616.70 to $776.30 per acre.