A Liberty Link Cotton Variety Trial was conducted with Darrell Lawhon, east of Bishop.  The plots were planted on March 26 with three replicates per variety in a randomized complete block design on 38-inch rows.  This dryland test was harvested on August 17, 2010 by machine.

Six varieties in this test averaged more than 1,140 pounds of seed cotton per acre.

The best two performing varieties (no statistical difference between the two) were FiberMax 1845 LLB2 at 1,269 pounds per acre with a loan value of $0.5198 per pound, and FiberMax 835 LLB2 at 1,223 pounds per acre with a loan value of $0.5418 per pound.

Other varieties in this test and their yields were as follows: FM 1015 LLB2 at 1,122 pounds per acre; FM 1035 LLB2 at 1,094 pounds per acre; FM 1025 LLB2 at 1,076 pounds per acre; and FM 1773 LLB2 at 1,059 pounds per acre. 

Overall the lint values per acre of this test (using the loan value) ranged from $544 to $659.70 per acre.

These tests would not be possible without the cooperation and support of local farmers and various seed companies.  More detailed information about these tests can be obtained from the Nueces County Extension Office or can also be found on the web at   http://nueces-tx.tamu.edu/pubcat.cfm?COUNTY=Nueces&CatID=2757

For more information contact the Nueces County Extension Office at 361-767-5223.