“Deltapine once again stands to offer potential for some real yield improvements over commercial lines with the candidates for the Class of 11,” said Dave Albers, U.S. cotton germplasm manager. “These variety candidates include six Genuity Bollgard II with Roundup Ready Flex lines and one Genuity Roundup Ready Flex. Early indications show some of the candidates offering outstanding yield and fiber quality for key markets.”

More than 180 farmers are evaluating the Deltapine Class of 11 variety candidates in new product evaluator (NPE) trials this season. The variety candidates include four products specifically bred for performance in Texas, and three other lines being tested across the Belt.

Farmers participating in the Deltapine NPE Program were given elite, pre-commercial varieties to plant for evaluation on their farms, in their growing conditions and yield environments. By allowing the individual farmer to control all crop management aspects of the trial, the progressive producers are helping to identify the top-performing varieties for improved production and profitability in their region.

The commercialized Deltapine Class of 11 cotton varieties will be introduced by name in December 2010. Seed production was put in place on all variety candidates this year so limited supplies of planting seed for the Class of 11 varieties will be available in 2011.

In 2011, Deltapine is offering Acceleron cotton seed treatment products to help maximize the performance potential of Deltapine cotton, offered as additional protection to the standard base fungicide seed treatment.

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