PhytoGen is hoping to ride the success of PHY 375 WRF, which in 2010 was the No. 1 planted variety in the Mid-South for the second year in a row, with the release of two new varieties.

PHY 569 WRF — “PhytoGen variety PHY 569 WRF is a good fit to fill the 555 footprint,” said Joel Faircloth, PhytoGen cotton development specialist for Dow AgroSciences. “It is similar in maturity to PHY 565 WRF, but matures a little later. This variety is available in very limited quantities for its introductory year.”

PHY 499 WRF — “PhytoGen brand PHY 499 WRF is a mid-maturing, very high-yielding variety,” Faircloth says. “It has performed very well in our breeder trials over the past several years and is offered in very limited quantities for 2011. We’ve had a tremendous amount of interest in this variety because of its yield performance, but again, it’s available in a very limited supply this year. This is one to watch for 2012.”

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