USDA’s Risk Management Agency Administrator William J. Murphy has issued Manager’s Bulletin, MGR-12-002, changing a 2012 crop year final planting date for Irrigated Cotton in Jackson and Tillman counties, Oklahoma. The purpose is to correct an inadvertent error. For the 2012 crop year the final planting date will be June 10. The non-irrigated cotton final planting date will remain June 20.

The final planting date for irrigated cotton for the 2012 crop year in Jackson and Tillman counties, Oklahoma, was changed to provide consistency between the irrigated and non-irrigated final planting date. However, after the publication of the actuarial documents for these counties, questions were raised as to whether this change was made in error.

After reviewing letters from Oklahoma State University, Department of Agronomy, Cooperative Extension Service and discussions with the Oklahoma Cooperative Extension Service, we confirmed that irrigated cotton in four southwestern Oklahoma counties is primarily planted using longer season varieties that are less determinate than the shorter season, more determinate cotton varieties planted on non-irrigated acreage. Research trials demonstrate that significant yield loss can occur when irrigated cotton acreage in these counties is planted after June 10. Therefore, the final planting date for irrigated cotton is appropriately established as June 10, and should not have been changed for the 2012 crop year.

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