"I have harvested about 25 percent of my cotton," he said.  That includes 1,700 acres of dryland cotton this year. One field yielded 600 pounds of cotton per acre.

Fischer plants several cotton varieties each year to see how they perform on his land. This year, he has Deltapine, Stoneville, and FiberMax varieties. More specifically, he has DP935, Stoneville 4288 andDP1044, all Roundup Ready, Bt varieties. "The 1044 variety is doing a good job for me," he said.

"I believe this will be an average to good cotton year for me. Weather conditions were certainly good when we planted in the spring, but the long, dry spell in July and August set the crop back. Fortunately, we started getting rain in late August and September to get the crop back on track.

Right now, I still have to contend with some green bolls even if the plants have open, mature cotton ready to harvest."

Fischer planted his first crop in 1976. His father, Joe Fischer, Jr., who is 83 years old, still farms. A lifetime wheat farmer, he has never planted cotton.

"Just this year, I helped him do some farming," Fischer said. "That is the first cotton grown on his farm in decades."