Turner says farmers are a bit disappointed in the yields. “We had an opportunity to make the biggest crop ever,” he says. “But we missed an August rain and some fields shed fruit early in the season.”

Farmer Eric Seidenberger says wet, cloudy conditions in late June and early July hurt yield potential. “We didn’t make the bottom crop,” he says. “The wetter areas suffered the most. We had very little sun for about 10 days and had a lot of fruit shed.”

Warren Multer, Texas AgriLife Extension integrated pest management agent, says fruit shed from the lower fruiting positions has hurt yield. He pulled a cotton stalk from one of Seidenberger’s fields and showed a top crop that was mature and well-filled out. The lower portion of the stalk was barren. “We didn’t make those early bolls,” he says.

Rainfall accumulation for the area is 18.5 inches. “But we got 9 inches at the end of June,” Seidenberger says. “Then we had only three-fourths of an inch from July through September and that came in two different rains. We got no rain in August,” he says.

He says heavy rain also may have depleted nitrogen for some of the dryland cotton. “Still, yields will be decent.”