Seidenberger has just begun harvest and says if weather remains clear, he should finish in five to six weeks. “So far, the weather has been perfect,” he says. “Early October has been beautiful.”

“It was wet and cool in July,” Turner adds. “Until then, we were expecting to gin as many as 200,000 bales this year. But we are grateful for what we have and the price is good.”

Turner says acreage in the St. Lawrence area increased for 2010 and farmers abandoned very few acres. Seidenberger says he’ll harvest every acre he planted last spring.

Early grades have been good, Turner says. Color is running at 11, staple at 34, leaf at 2.3 with 0.78 percent light bark. Micronaire has been around 44.8, strength at 30.1 and loan value has been running at $54.20.

Turner expects to be ginning into March. “Our six-year average is 102, 457,” Turner says. “My best guess is that we will beat that average this year. We usually average 62 to 65 bales per hour since we added two new gin stands last year.”