A service value survey with ratings from 1 to 5, with 5 the best score, shows Cotton Incorporated programs are effective. “We received no score less than a 4,” she says.

Kitchings says she has seen no slowdown in cotton consumption due to the recent price spike. “The industry had reduced spinning with the recession. We will monitor the situation. We’re also looking forward — retail prices will be up by the time school starts next fall.”

Prices, based on the amount of cotton fiber in a garment, should not go up significantly, she says. Jeans contain about two pounds of cotton, so a $30 pair of jeans could increase by $1.20, based on fiber cost increases. “For some consumers, that will not matter,” she says.

The cotton market will level off, Kitchings says. “The issue now is availability — at peak use, we may not have enough cotton to meet demand. We could see some risk in the t-shirt market and we will monitor that. For now, we are selling all the cotton we’re producing, and at a good price.”