Early cotton harvest reports from Oklahoma cotton gins show the potential still exists for a good crop and a 95 cent per pound of lint price is making cotton farmers happy across the Rolling Plains of Oklahoma.

At the Tillman Producers Cooperative gin south of Frederick, gin manager David Lingle has ginned 300 bales of cotton to date and is waiting for more to come.

"If the producer waits until his cotton is ready to harvest, the yield really looks good," Lingle says. "If they have gotten in a hurry to harvest and bring it to us a little green, the situation isn't quite so good.  With a 95 cent price waiting for them, farmers are going to be stripping a lot of cotton and getting it in quickly.

"These cold nights are not helping us right now. If temperatures will get back into the high 80s with plenty of sunshine, we will see some really good cotton in two to three weeks. We still have plenty of time to get the harvest started."

In Jackson County, Mike Berry, manager of the Cotton Growers Cooperative gin at Altus, says his gin has processed 2,100 bales of irrigated cotton to date.

"A lot of our irrigated cotton is still green," he says. "We are ginning with two eight-hour shifts right now. It will pick up soon. This will be a good crop. We will see plenty of two plus bale cotton this season."

Still in Jackson County, the Eldorado Farmers Cooperative Association gin has ginned 400 bales to date. "We have been ginning for a week now," Barney Trammel, cooperative manager says. "We have about 900 bales in modules setting on the yard waiting to be ginned."