Bayer CropScience offers three new cotton varieties for 2012 including the first GlyTol/LibertyLink cotton variety.

ST 4145 LLB2is the first variety in Stoneville germplasm with LibertyLink. It’s a very high-yielding, early maturity, LibertyLink, Bollgard II variety with an excellent fit from the Mid-South through the Southeast and to the mid-Atlantic. It was available in introductory quantities in 2011 and should be readily available for 2012. But order early.

ST 5445 LLB2is a complement to ST 4145 LLB2, and is a later-maturing variety. Yield is extremely good. The variety can fit across the entire Cotton Belt, but its open boll type is a better fit across the Mid-South, Southeast and mid-Atlantic. A strong, introductory supply of ST 5445 LLB2 will be available for 2012.

FM 1944 GLB2is a GlyTol, LibertyLink variety, which is tolerant to glufosinate (Liberty) and glyphosate. “It is the first multiple herbicide stack in the market which has complete tolerance to glyphosate and Liberty,” said Bayer CropScience agronomy manager Steve Nichols. “The variety is adapted across the Cotton Belt, from California to Virginia. It is similar to FM 1740 B2F, but with a big improvement in fiber length. Yield potential is equal to or better than FM 1740 B2F.” Limited introductory supplies will be available.

Ignite is now Liberty– Bayer CropSc.ience has announced that the global brand Liberty herbicide will replace the Ignite herbicide brand for use on LibertyLink crops in the U.S. market starting in the 2012 crop season.

Bayer plans to increase the global production of Liberty herbicide and help ensure adequate supplies, especially in the rapidly expanding U.S. market.

“Liberty herbicide still offers the same benefits and levels of performance as the former Ignite herbicide, including the new 65-ounce seasonal maximum for soybeans,” said Al Luke, head of broad acre crop marketing for Bayer CropScience.

“The name change of the brand name to Liberty will focus and more closely link the herbicide with LibertyLink crops, including FiberMax and Stoneville cotton, InVigor canola and many corn and soybean brands.”

Bayer CropScience offers four new cotton varieties for the Southwest:

FM 2011GT is well-adapted to the High Plains and Rolling Plains of the Southwest and has exhibited excellent yield potential. FM 2011GT features GlyTol glyphosate-tolerant technology. With its wide application window and optimal crop tolerance for over-the top applications of glyphosate, GlyTol offers cotton growers more freedom in their weed management decisions.

FM 9250GL is the first commercial cotton variety with dual herbicide tolerance to both glyphosate and Ignite herbicide adapted to the High and Rolling Plains. This GlyTol/LibertyLink variety offers growers in this area excellent yield potential and fiber quality. Agronomic characteristics are similar to FM 9058F with a compact plant type and large, storm-tolerant bolls.

FM 2989GLB2 is a medium maturity GlyTol/LibertyLink/Bollgard II variety with dual herbicide tolerance to both glyphosate and Ignite herbicide. It has demonstrated excellent adaptation to the Southwest. It has a medium/bushy plant type with excellent yield potential and good fiber quality.

FM 2484B2Fis a medium maturity Roundup Ready Flex/Bollgard II variety with a moderate growth habit that can mature later in high-moisture and late-planted situations. Additionally, it offers outstanding yield potential and excellent fiber quality.

GlyTol LibertyLink cotton has full tolerance to both glyphosate and Ignite herbicides. This innovation gives growers two nonselective herbicide modes of action to increase the spectrum of weed control, fight resistant weeds and reduce the potential for future development of weed resistance. Visit Bayer for more information on FiberMax varieties.