PhytoGen cottonseed is offering a lineup of early- to full-maturing varieties in 2012 that provides cotton growers with multiple high quality, high yielding choices for their farm. Among these is a new variety with broad adaptability.

PHY 499 WRFis an early to mid-maturing, semi-smooth variety with excellent seedling vigor and exceptionally high yield potential. PHY 499 WRF has performed well in official variety trials throughout the Cotton Belt, showcasing its ability to be broadly adapted. It will be available in limited supply in 2012.

Other varieties available for 2012 include PHY 375 WRF, which was the top selling cotton variety in the country in 2011, planted on 10.7 percent of all upland acres; PHY 367 WRF, which performs well in west Texas under pressure from Verticillium wilt; PHY 565 WRF, grown from Georgia through Mississippi and Louisiana and into South Texas; and PHY 440 W, which has shown to be an especially effective variety in Texas’s Coastal Bend. Find data specific to your area at PhytoGen.