Temik is the “Cadillac” treatment when it comes to preventing thrips damage in cotton.  However Temik may be in short supply this year. A group of “concerned” citizens have gotten a judge to temporarily force the closure of the plant in West Virginia where the precursor ingredient of Temik is manufactured. As of now we do not expect the plant to reopen until at least March 28, 2011.

For thrips control, no more than 3.5 pounds per acre of Temik should be required to control western flower thrips.  Little of the data we have collected over the years shows a benefit from using 5 pounds per acre of Temik instead of the 3.5 pound rate, although the higher rate may provide 3 to 5 day of additional control. 

Temik at 3.5 pounds per acre will generally provide 24 to 30 days of thrips control post- emergence. The length of control with Temik depends on soil moisture and precipitation. In Sunray, Texas, in 2010, we experienced very high rainfall and Temik appeared to leach out of the root zone and provided only about 12 days of control post-emergence. Even Temik may require follow-up foliar sprays on occasion.