Smooth crop flow has been a hallmark of the simple Axial-Flow rotor for 35 years with its concentric rotor cage design, improving throughput, and putting more high quality grain in the tank.

On the 7230, 8230, and 9230 models, the self-leveling grain pan, pre-sieve, upper and lower sieves, and cleaning fan provide maximum grain savings and efficiency. Adjustable electronic sieves come standard on every model.

The upgraded Case IH AFS Pro 700 monitor with a larger, easy-to-read screen helps farmers monitor yield and provides machine and guidance control.

Compatible with all Case IH high horsepower equipment, the AFS Pro700 can easily be transferred from the combine in the fall to a tractor and/or sprayer in the spring, maximizing your investment.

The Case IH AFS Pro 700 comes mounted in the largest and quietest cab on the market. In addition, the Axial-Flow multi-function handle controls many vital harvest functions, all while the operator’s arm stays in a comfortable resting position.

Similar functions are grouped together on the control handle and multiple settings for different crops and conditions can be easily saved for future use.

The combine functions at full capacity, without needing constant adjustment, reducing farmer fatigue at the end of the day.

With the launch of its newest 1,200-gallon sprayer — the Patriot 4430 — Case IH once again sets the industry standard for power, fuel-efficiency, productivity and comfort.

The flagship model in this series of industry-leading sprayers, known for its cab-forward, rear-engine configuration, is an appropriate addition to the Case IH Efficient Power family, delivering more horsepower in a more fuel-efficient package.

Together these features allow operators to get in the field sooner to meet critical application windows with the power to handle challenging field conditions.

The Patriot 4430 features the proven 8.7L Case IH FPT engine with 12 percent more horsepower than its predecessor, the Patriot 4420. Rated at 325 horsepower (hp) with power growth up to 356 hp at 2,100 rpm, it has more than enough power to climb hills and navigate wet spots in the field.

And, using Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technologyto increase fuel-efficiency and reduce maintenance requirements, the Patriot 4430 not only meets Tier 4A emission standards, it provides operators with a significant operating cost advantage on average over other sprayers in its class.

The Patriot 4430 features an updated Surveyor cab design based on the Steiger tractor cab, which increases interior cab space to an industry-leading 132 cubic feet, allowing more space to work and better visibility. That, in combination with the cab-forward design and more glass than any other cab, makes long days in the field easier and more comfortable for operators, and thus reduces fatigue and minimizes crop damage.

The right-hand console moves with the seat for easy access, providing near-effortless control of all sprayer functions. The optional AFS Pro 700 color display provides a single interface for sprayer control and guidance operation.