For A&M the 2014 competition year was solid. The team's tractor, which students named Walker, Texas Ranger, came in third for the tractor pull.  The event is more than a pull, and A&M took second place for the team Written Design Report. This is where students document their work, testing and other information and the report is reviewed by engineers. Team advisers for A&M include Steve Searcy and Ron Lacey.

Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas, competed for the second straight year in the event. However, the team ran into a problem this year with their tractor. They weren't able to clear tech to compete in the tractor pull, but the team did win this year's Sportsmanship Award, which honors teams that "exhibit a continually positive attitude and is willing to look beyond its own needs to assist other teams," according to the organizers.

The Oklahoma State University Team - the Cowboy Pullers - brought Pete's Vendetta to this year's competition. The machine's operator-forward design was built to enhance pulling power. The tractor even had LED lighting to light up its orange lettering during operation. Team adviser is Robert Frazier.

The overall first place team for the 2014 competition was the University of Kentucky; they placed second in 2013.

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