In addition to agriculture programs in the field, professional development projects funded by SARE included but were not limited to: Achieving Rangeland Sustainability through Total Resource Management ($157,061), Sustainable Agriculture Training Initiative for Texas ($70,136), and Environmentally and Economically Sustainable Use of Rangeland ($72,570).

Direct grants to farmers supported by SARE include:

  • Development of an innovative forage crop system for pasture raised swine ($8,303)
  • Low Cost Geothermal Greenhouse Heating $9,999.00 Tanya Miller, Millican Farms, LLC System for Southern Climates ($9,999)
  • Treating Soil Compaction Using Woven Weed Fabric ($9,886)
  • Evaluation of Mulches for Organic Cantaloupe Production in Semi-Arid Regions ($9,855)
  • Cover Crop Optimization for Sustainable Forage Systems on a Southern Dairy Farm ($9,872)
  • Weed Control for Row Crops Using Corrugating Linerboard ($7,399)
  • Sustainable Pastured Layer Research Project ($14,992)
  • Increase Soil Organic Matter in Citrus Soils ($8,112)
  • Crop Rotation and Rotational Grazing Study ($9,876)
  • Marketing Workshop for Organic Growers and Ranchers ($7,561)
  • Effects of Conservation Tillage on Water Quality in Southern Texas ($8,000)
  • Cool Season and Warm Season Grasses to Stabilize Erodible Soils and Increase Profitability ($10,000)
  • Native Warm Season Grasses As Alternative Hay Source to Annual Sorghum/Sudan Grasses ($9,640)
  • Pecan IPM Using Black-Eyed Peas as a Trap Crop ($4,000)
  • Site Specific Applications of Seed/Fertilizer/Chemicals ($10,000)

The list of diverse funded SARE projects for Texas is extensive and includes numerous on-farm grants for various projects and Community Innovation Grants, plus a number of graduate student grants.

Many of the grant projects are still underway and new projects are being added routinely.