Farmers, crop consultants, aerial applicators and others who need continuing education units for license renewals may find what they need online at the Farm Press website,

Those who are attempting to gather verification information for license renewal may go directly to and log on. Bookmarking that site makes it easier to access courses for 2011 hours, as well.

You also may click on course links listed below.Listed are all the states in the SW circulation area.

The following courses are accredited in Texas by the Texas Department of Agriculture:



These courses are accredited in New Mexico:



The following courses are accredited by Oklahoma Department of Agriculture:


 Two courses—WRM in Cotton and The Role of Copper in Disease Control—are paid courses ($50 each). All others are free.


The passing grade to earn hours/units/credits is 70 this year (from 80 in the past). When a person passes, Farm Press handles the paperwork of notifying the accrediting agency. When a person completes a course, he/she gets a verification of completion with the accrediting agency’s course number for their records.