Any rumblings about the 2012 fiscal year budget that begins in October?

“Yes, we’re hearing rumblings. President Obama has put out his proposed budget and it has a 5 percent cut for research and Extension.

“But because of the debate over the 2011 budget, we haven’t had a whole lot of time to spend on 2012.”  

Anything else you want our readers to know?

“The Cooperative Extension Service, the experiment stations and land-grants are dedicated to helping maintain the economic activity in agriculture. I’m very proud to be a part of the land-grants.

“With all the challenges we see -- shortages, lack of stockpiles of corn and commodities appearing that they’ll be so much more important in the coming decades -- we need good research-based information to be applied in the field. That’s a good investment, the basis of a society having a good, abundant, safe, affordable food supply.

“It would be wise for the United States to maintain its leadership in ag production. And research and Extension has made it so secure. But it appears that security is about to become much more of a challenge.

“As there are more and more people, they’ll need more and more food. And as prices go up, we’ll need to be more efficient and have higher yields.

“This is a good investment. And it’s an investment that pays off for everyone.

“We need to rethink how we look at agriculture. It needs to rise to the top as critical to the welfare and stability of our country.

“Congress needs to really think through these cuts. The basis for our quality of life is really an abundant food supply.”