No one was particularly surprised Tuesday when the Senate passed the farm bill and sent it on for President Obama’s signature. But legislators, farmers and others in the agriculture industry had to be relieved that the long, contentious process was finally done.

And it was done with bi-partisan support, an accomplishment that may have seemed near impossible just a few months ago. Final tally was 68 to 32 in the Senate, following a 251 to 166 vote the previous week in the House.

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Ag commodity groups across the country expressed appreciation for the efforts that went into the development and final passage of the bill.

Farm bill described as revolutionary.

Plains Cotton Growers, Inc., Lubbock, Texas, praised the quick action from the Senate.

“We appreciate the Senate for coming together in bipartisan fashion to pass this bill and move it forward to the President for his signature,” Plains Cotton Growers President Craig Heinrich, a cotton grower from Slaton, Texas, said. “We commend the House Agriculture Committee and Chairman Frank Lucas, along with the Senate Agriculture Committee and Chairwoman Debbie Stabenow, for creating a legislative package that saves money, cuts the deficit, and reforms and streamlines programs.”

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