Back in September, David Wasserman, with the Cook Political Report, discussed the election outlook during the Southwest Ag Issues Summit in Austin, Texas. The feeling at the time was that the presidential election was too close to call with President Obama perhaps picking up support following the Democratic National Convention.

The Cook Report also suggested Democrats would pick up between 10 and 15 seats in the House of Representatives and that Republicans could pick up a seat or two in the Senate. Neither chamber would see enough change, Wasserman said, to tip control to either party.

Wasserman recently spoke at the annual Texas Commodity Symposium in Amarillo and offered a post-mortem of sorts on earlier predictions.

The September analysis was pretty accurate. Democrats picked up eight seats in the House of Representatives, but the Republicans failed to gain in the Senate as the Democrats picked up two.

Wasserman said back in September that President Obama was vulnerable because of the economy. He said then that the economy, especially unemployment, was Obama’s biggest challenge. “The current unemployment rate is not where a president typically wants it to be for re-election,” he said. “Also, the gross domestic product is below 2. By all measures, Obama should be losing. So why not?”Likeability, or lack of it, was a major challenge for Governor Romney back then.

In his most recent remarks, Wasserman said the presidential election turned on three key points: a new “demographic reality,” improved perceptions of the economy, and campaign quality.