The following updated information has been supplied by DuPont.

DuPont is working with multiple seed companies to ramp up seed production, and DuPont is working to provide complementary herbicides for these traits once U.S herbicide regulatory approvals are received—as soon as 2014.  It is expected that the DuPont Inzen herbicide-tolerant sorghum will be out-licensed to several seed companies, including Pioneer.

As DuPont works with seed companies, the industry is focusing on developing and commercializing the ALS trait in sorghum. For more on the ACCase trait at this point, the best source will be the KSU Research Foundation.

With the ALS-tolerance trait, DuPont is focused on controlling annual grasses, including crabgrass, Texas panicum, foxtail and barnyardgrass, which are problems for sorghum producers. While Johnsongrass is also a weed concern for sorghum growers and the ALS trait is expected to help manage Johnsongrass, that is not the primary focus.

DuPont Crop Protection will provide growers with herbicides that complement the trait as soon as U.S herbicide regulatory approvals are received. The new herbicides will be formulated with the developing needs of sorghum growers in mind.

DuPont wants the new trait to be valuable to growers for as long as possible, so the launch of this trait will be managed with strict stewardship plans. More details will be made available as DuPont gets closer to expected introduction of seed with the trait