Following is a summary of the top ten performing varieties over a two and three year period from 2011-2013.

Two year, top ten varieties include: USG 3120, AGS 2035, USG 3409, Syngenta Coker 9553, USG 3555, USG 3201, Syngenta Oakes, Pioneer 25R40, Terral 8525, and Syngenta Harrison.

Top ten in a three-year period include: USG 3120, USG 3409, AGS 2035, Terral 8525, Syngenta Coker 9553, USG 3201, Pioneer 25R40, USG 3555, Syngenta Oakes, and USG 3251.


USG 3120 and AGS 2035 performed very well over the past three years in our harvested studies, but they are the earliest maturing varieties we have seen in a number of years.  Both are earlier maturing than Terral LA 841, a variety that has suffered more than its share of freeze injury over the years.  If planted at our normal time (late October-early November), they are more likely to experience freeze damage than any of the other varieties being grown here.  Both varieties sustained severe freeze damage at our Royse City location this year, and produced low yields.