The weakness with this and other herbicides, he said, has been a four to four-and-half year drought. “We have not had good moisture support. We see a lot of promise but we want to see products when we have more moisture to determine if we get replication.”

Mark Gregory, Extension agronomist, said Clearfield wheat options also offer potential for improved weed control, especially for rescuegrass, jointed goatgrass and feral rye. “PowerFlex can help if we are timely, but we often miss it.”

With Clearfield varieties, producers can use Beyond herbicide, from BASF, “to take out rescue grass, jointed goatgrass and feral rye.”

He said Doublestop Cl Plus, with two resistant genes, allows growers to use Beyond herbicide, which is “hotter. Doublestop is a good variety and performs well on low pH soils.”