“The passing of the referendum is an important milestone for the crop and the industry,” said Bill Greving, Sorghum Checkoff past chairman from Prairie View, Kan. “The Sorghum Checkoff has accomplished many goals and will continue to work hard to drive the sorghum industry forward.”

 “We are pleased to announce that this Checkoff program will continue, and I am confident that this program will further its goal of strengthening the industry and expanding marketing opportunities for sorghum producers and importers,” said USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service Administrator Rayne Pegg.

The Sorghum Checkoff was established under the Commodity Research, Promotion and Information Act of 1996, and according to USDA Act and Order, was required to hold a referendum within three years of beginning operations. Sorghum farmers who paid an assessment had an opportunity to vote through their local FSA office to determine the future of the checkoff.

The goal of the program is to strengthen the position of, and to develop and expand the markets for sorghum and sorghum products. The assessment for grain sorghum is 0.6 percent of net market value and 0.35 percent of net market value for sorghum forage, sorghum hay, sorghum haylage, sorghum billets and sorghum silage. Although limited, imports of sorghum and sorghum products are also assessed.

 The United Sorghum Checkoff Board administers the program and is comprised of 13 sorghum producers, which includes representatives from the three largest sorghum producing states and four at large members.