From the southernmost tip of the state to the hills of south central Texas, the lower half of the state is greening up as the great wheels of agriculture begin to roll across field and pasture this spring, a brisk start to a new growing, calving season on the farms and ranches of the Texas southland.

Farmers are still picking the last of the spinach, and strawberries are ripening on the vine across the Texas Winter Garden region as rice producers are busy putting down as much seed as the ground will support in hopes of another wet season on the mid-to-upper coast.

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While rain has been stingy is some places, a few South Texas ranchers report some of their winter wheat and oats survived a dry start to the year and while pastures are still lacking enough cover to keep the herds grazing for long, there is hope spotty rain showers will continue to keep some moisture in the soil as memories of drier times linger like sour grapes.