“Yet, these innovations will remain fantasies for farmers in Europe as long as our governments listen to misinformed activists and journalists that crowd out the responsible views of scientists, Nobel Prize winners and farmers.”

Cruz says her family has seen how biotech crops can improve their quality of life, and she wants more of that for herself, her sisters, her workers, and the women who farm in other countries.

“Around the world, women cannot take advantage of biotechnology because of Europe’s hostility to GM crops,” she notes. “This especially affects African women farmers because they are highly dependent on trade with Europe.”

The Kleckner Trade and Technology Advancement Award was established in 2007 in honor of Dean Kleckner, the chairman of Truth About Trade and Technology and former president of the American Farm Bureau Federation.

The award is given annually in conjunction with the Global Farmer-to-Farmer Roundtable.  The first winner of the award was Rosalie Ellasus of the Philippines, the 2008 winner was Jeff Bidstrup of Australia and, in 2009, the award went to Jim McCarthy of Ireland.

For more on Cruz’s views on the need for Europe to adopt biotech crops, go to http://www.truthabouttrade.org/news/editorials/guest-commentary/16778-freedom-to-choose--a-farmers-basic-right