What could be called the bible of winter canola production in the Southern Great Plains is the Winter Canola Handbook, edited and produced each year by KSU, OSU and the University of Nebraska. The handbook is updated each year and made available at the research report of the Oklahoma-Kansas Winter Canola conference held in July at the Garfield County Fairgrounds in Enid.  Copies of the handbook, an invaluable compendium of winter canola production, harvesting and marketing, can be obtained by contacting the OSU County Extension director in each county, any of the people listed in this article and by contacting Producers Cooperative Oil Mill at 405-232-7555, or producerscoop.net.

Other information can be obtained on the web at the Okanola link page at okstate.edu and/or plainsoilseedproducts.com.

Oklahoma winter canola producers are represented by the Oklahoma Oilseed Commission, which oversees a checkoff fund to support development of new winter canola production methods.

Members of the commission are Kelly Chain, Alan Mindemann, Lee Leeper, Brent Rendel and Brent Thompson.