Presiding Chairman C.E. Williams of the Texas Water Conservation Advisory Council announced the launch of the Save Texas Water Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture.

“Agricultural production in Texas is a vital part of our state’s economy, culture, and environment. With increasing demands on the state’s water resources, unpredictable droughts, and projected population growth, the agriculture industry will continue to be subject to the pressure and threats related to the reliability and availability of fresh water,” Chairman Williams said.

Though it often goes unrecognized, the agriculture industry is actively conserving and efficiently using water through everyday decisions, investments, and practices. This award program is a way to showcase agricultural producers as effective caretakers of water resources. Through the Blue Legacy Awards the Council honors these groups whose practices enhance conservation of water.

Any individual, group, agency, association, council or organization may nominate an individual producer, family operation or partnership farm and/or ranch operation. Individuals, families, or operations may also nominate themselves.  Winners will be invited to attend the 2011 Texas Irrigation Expo on December 9-10 in McAllen, TX for acceptance of the award.  The deadline to submit nomination applications is November 2, 2011.

The Water Conservation Advisory Council will utilize winners’ success stories to promote the agricultural industry’s efforts in water conservation. Blue Legacy Award recognition also promotes the winners themselves as credible spokespersons. Through these winners, the program will generate positive information about water conservation in agriculture as well as encourage others in the industry to improve their water conservation practices.

To find more details about the Save Texas Water Blue Legacy Award in Agriculture, visit or contact Vanessa Escobar, Council Support Staff at or (512) 463-1667.