"Part of the problem is some people view wild hogs as a sport animal like deer or elk and as such believe they should be a protected wildlife species. But farmers correctly view the animal as a danger and a threat to their farming and ranching operations. Considering how prolific they are, feral hogs are going to continue growing in numbers and in the amount of damage they cause not just on the farm but in suburban neighborhoods, a trend we are now seeing," Pinkston added.

He said the idea to create Jager Pro came to him one night in Iraq when he was watching targets on thermal imaging equipment. After serving in combat operations, he returned to the states, but a second tour in Germany helped him to hone his shooting and hunting abilities. Stationed in Ansbach, he attained a German hunting license that required him to attend classes and demonstrate rifle and shotgun proficiency. Before long he had earned the title of a German master hunter, or Jagermeister, and set to work developing plans for his future company.

But before returning home he was selected to tryout for the United States Army Marksmanship Unit (USAMU) Olympic Shotgun Team. But the team was full of qualified shooters at the time, so Olympic coach Burl Branham named him non-commissioned officer in charge of the shooting team.

During his term as coach, Army SFC Todd Graves won an Olympic Bronze Medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, and in 2001, SFC Shawn Dulohery won the 2001 World Skeet Championship in Cairo, Egypt.