Over the next seven years, Pinkston began to study and develop more effective trapping techniques, resulting in the development of a company that specializes in removing feral hogs by the ton.

"I didn’t start out to be a hunting guide, I wanted to be a hog control operator,” Pinkston says. “But we had to figure out a way to generate income, since most farmers didn’t have the money for hog control at the time, so I started taking hunters out to farms where there was a problem.”

Serving farmers and hunters at the same time helped him get his start in the business. Today the role has changed from hunter to conservationist. Jager Pro shoots and traps hogs, depending on the time of year and the circumstances of the farm or ranch where they are working.
When on a hunt, Pinkston and crew employ the latest technology using thermal imaging and specialty fire power, but studying available hog traps presented a breakthrough in his operation.

"Convincing a wild hog to enter a trap is not an easy thing to do. They are highly intelligent creatures and learn from their mistakes quickly, so we had to look hard at what kind of trap to use," he said.

After extensive research and testing, Jager Pro developed a trap he says is superior for catching wild hogs. The trap includes a patented Manually Initiated Nuisance Elimination (M.I.N.E.) gate that is extremely wide and easily camouflaged. The gate is tripped by remote control by an overnight operator who monitors the number of hogs that enter the trap. The trap offers an optional trip wire mechanism, but remote viewing the trap by motion-activated camera is the better method.