Dr. Jim Cathey, AgriLife Extension wildlife specialist and associate department head for wildlife and fisheries sciences at Texas A&M University discussed feral hog biology and control methods.

He said female feral hogs are prolific breeders, cycling every 18 to 24 days if not already bred. “They are just built to get little pigs out there in the wild,” he said.

Males average 180 pounds in weight, while females average 150 pounds. Feral hogs generally run in groups called “sounders” with the female adult hogs. Estimates put the number of feral hogs in Texas at 2.6 million.

“Imagine how much more beef cattle or Bobwhite quail we could haveif we didn’t have this many feral hogs in our state?” Cathey said. “We’ve got too many of them, and we need to (get) rid of them.”