Mechanical removal of this plant could vary in cost ranging from $20 to $150 per acre. In contrast, controlling this plant with herbicides can range in cost from $2 to $250 per acre.  At least 50 percent of the different herbicide treatments options are suggested for fall.  When considering a chemical treatment, the best results will be obtained from individual plant treatment.  For information regarding different chemical treatment options, review the Pestman website at

Prescribed burning is another option, which, if part of an overall range management plan for your ranch, can be an economical method of keeping huisache as well as other brush species in manageable numbers. In the Texas Coastal Bend burning a pasture every four years kills most of the one and two-year-old seedlings. However, most of the three-year-old seedlings and older plants will have the tops killed and will re-sprout the next year, according to experts with the Coastal Bend Prescribed Burn Association.

More information about controlling Huisache may be obtained from your local County Extension Agent.