President Obama has weighed in on the topic as have a number of lawmakers, and there appears to be a consensus among them. Most want to solve the horse slaughter debacle by making it unlawful to slaughter horses on U.S. soil, and at the same time, as a few suggest, unlawful to transport horses outside the United States for the purpose of slaughter.

Also being kicked around the Hill are more subtle solutions, like the refusal to fund USDA from performing meat inspections at horse slaughter facilities once and for all, effectively killing the issue.

There is wide support for these ideas from the Administration, the House and Senate Appropriation Committees, and a number of lawmakers from both sides of the aisle. But opponents to a ban on horse slaughter say these solutions offer no meaningful resolution to the serious and escalating problem. They ask if both horse slaughtering and transportation of horses across the border are prohibited, then what can be done for the growing number of suffering horses.


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