Kansas has 46 million acres of farm ground – not all of which can be used to grow crops, according to Kansas Agricultural Statistics. Cattle can utilize grasses and plants growing on 15.9 million acres of the state’s pastureland. Other facts about the Kansas beef industry include:

  • Kansas ranked third nationally with 5.85 million cattle on ranches and in feedyards as of Jan. 1, 2013. That’s slightly more than the state’s human population of more than 2.8 million. (KAS)
  • Cattle and calves represented 48 percent of the 2011 Kansas agricultural receipts. (KAS)
  • Kansas ranked third nationwide in commercial cattle processed with 6.4 million head in 2011. (KAS)
  • The meat industry was responsible for as much as $10.8 billion in economic activity in Kansas during 2009. (American Meat Institute)
  • Kansas ranked fourth in the value of live animals and meat exported to other countries at $675 million in 2010. (KAS) 


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