With the additional case of equine Vesicular Stomatitus (VS) reported in Nueces County last week, raising the total number of Texas horses to 10 confirmed cases in four different South Texas counties, Louisiana becomes the latest state to impose enhanced requirements on horses and other livestock crossing their state line from a state that has diagnosed cases of VS.

Horses and livestock on six sites across the four counties remain under quarantine in what has been the first outbreak of VS in Texas since 2009. Adding to concerns is the latest USDA-APHIS weekly surveillance report that indicates a total of 92 animals across Texas are considered "susceptible" to VS infection including the 10 equine that have already tested positive for the disease.

An additional 67 horses, four bovine and 11 goats are also under observation because of either early signs of VS infection or as a result of suspected contact with quarantined animals according to the latest USDA-APHIS VS situation report.

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A total of six (6) VSV-positive equine premises remain in Texas; one (1) in Kinney County, two (2) in Hidalgo County, two (2) in San Patricio County, and one (1) in Nueces County. On the single premises in Kinney County and on one of the two premises in Hidalgo County, the lesions have healed in affected horses and both premises have begun a 21-day countdown to quarantine release.