RanchTV.org is a video library developed and maintained by the Texas AgriLife Extension Service for the purpose of extension information to cattle producers. The primary speakers in these videos are from the Extension Beef Cattle Unit.

Some videos that would be of interest now during this drought include a channel on Drought Cattle Management. Individual videos on this channel address water issues, prussic acid and nitrate toxicity in forages, supplementation, and culling, just to name a few. 

The Nutrition Feeds and Feeding Channel provides excellent information related to nutrient requirements of cattle. Individual videos address evaluating forage conditions, hay considerations, feeding for intended use, which feed to purchase, reading a feed label, mineral supplementation, non-protein nitrogen, protein limiting factors, use of co-products, protein cubes/cakes, pelleted feeds, using tubs, supplements in tubs, supplements in blocks, loose minerals, mineral blocks, cottonseed hulls, soybean/cottonseed meal, corn gluten/distillers grains/ rice hulls, and wheat mids/soy hulls/alfalfa leaf meal.

Videos on many other aspects are also available on RanchTV.  These videos can be accessed on the Internet at www.ranchtv.org

Another option available at this web site is Cowsense U a good option if you are interested in taking online courses that teach best beef cattle management practices. At this site you will find multiple online courses, many of which are free. Upon the successful completion of each course you will receive a certificate that says that you completed and passed the online course from the Texas AgriLife Extension Service. Topics include Beef Quality Assurance, Low Stress Cattle Handling, and Market Cow Management. Other courses will come online in the near future.